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Q: What is a recycled ink cartridge or toner cartridge?

A: A recycled inkjet or toner cartridge that has been comprehensively cleaned, conditioned and refilled for use again. It is the ecologically friendly solution for printer cartridges that you can depend on to perform as well and last every bit as long as the original.

Q: Why do recycled printer cartridges cost so much less?

A:  Frankly, we do not completely know the answer. Printer prices have become so cheap we suppose that, like the razor manufacturers, printer manufacturers make their profits from printer ink & toner cartridge consumables. Most of us spend more within the first few months on printer consumables, than on the initial cost of the printer. A quick check on our testimonial & Trustpilot customer review section will convince you that even though recycled  printer consumables can save you up to 80% of the cost of original printer cartridges they are every bit as good.

Q: Do they last as long as the originals?

A: Yes. In many cases longer as our manufacturers fill all our inkjet and toner cartridges to the maximum level possible, consistent with good performance, whereas some manufacturers deliberately partially fill their printer cartridges, especially those included with the printer, as a matter of course.

Q: What guarantee do I get?

A: We provide a full twelve month warranty and "no quibble" money back guarante on all of our own brand Inkjet & Toner Cartridges, unlike some of our less established competitors.

Our refurbished and graded electrical items and gifts also come with a full warranty, in some cases these are for a shorter period of time! Warranty details are shown in the product information panels like this.

Q: What happens if I'm not happy with your products? Or have problems?

A: Our product support team is available during office hours on a non-premium rate telephone line to help you. In the unlikely even of a flawed product we will replace it. Contact them here: support

Q: Are there any products that can't be returned?

A: We cannot offer refunds or exchanges, unless faulty or not as described, on the following items: perishable or personalised products and products with a seal for health/hygiene protection are non-returnable unless there is a fault (including but not limited to headphones and shaving products).

Q: I'm nervous about giving you my credit or debit card details.

A: Quite right. That's why we don't want the responsibility of holding them. All credit and debit card transactions are undertaken through SagePay, one of the largest and most respected credit card processing companies, using the most advanced encryption technologies to ensure absolute confidentiality.

Q: Why has my order been split into several small parcels?

A: This permits us to use special packaging that has been specially designed to fit through your letterbox, minimising any inconvenience of having to be in to receive your goods and allowing us to deliver national inkjets & toners. If you have only received part of your order please allow a day or two for the rest of your order to arrive.

Q: Will you pass my information and details to other companies?

A: Absolutely not. We hate spam as much as you and guarantee we will never pass your details to any other organisation.

Q: Why do you offer the same product for more than one printer or manufacturer model?

A: There are far more printer models, than there are manufacturers of the printer engine. Many motor cars share the same platform and parts, so too many different printers will have the same the engine and require the same inkjet ink cartridge or toner cartridge.

Q: I don't like dealing with new companies, who may not be there tomorrow. Are you one of them?

A: No. We are an established firm with over 200,000 satisfied clients. We have turned over in excess of £10m and are part of a group that serves more than 450,000 clients across the UK and Europe.

Q: Will buying recycled cartridges affect the warranty on my printer?

A: The answer should be no, and the Office of Fair Trading has written to printer manufacturers making this clear. In the unlikely event that a cartridge of ours did damage your printer, we would of course replace that printer.

Q: Why are your products less expensive than many other similar recycled products?

A: The answer, very simply, economies of scale. We buy more than 2,000,000 printer products per annum and can demand from the manufacturers not only the highest quality, but also the best prices. We pass this benefit on to you. Many of our inkjet and toner products are sold under different labels by the largest high street and business catalogue organisations.

Q: Can my school or business take advantage of your products and prices?

A: Yes. Just email either education@ijtdirect.co.uk or corporatesales@ijtdirect.co.uk and we will do the rest.

Q: Is the battery on my laptop covered under warranty?

A: On new and Grade A1/A2 refurbished laptops/Tablets the battery will be covered by either our warranty or the manufacturers warranty. However as re-chargeable batteries are a consumable item, we only warranty that the battery will be in working condition, able to accept and hold a charge for a reasonable time, and will take into consideration the original battery expectations and the over all age of the laptop. In he event of battery failure, or a battery not holding a charge for a minimum of 60 minutes during the stated warranty period we will offer to replace the battery directly or offer a credit to the value of a suitable replacements, non original/manufacturer parts may be used. 

On 2nd user machines we only guarantee that a battery will take and hold a charge. There is no guarantee of battery life.

Q: Can you upgrade a windows 7 PC to Windows 10?

A: In most cases we can upgrade any of our current Windows 7 product lines from Windows 7 Home to 10 Home, or Windows 7 Pro to 10 Pro.

To upgrade yourself could cost over £150 via Microsoft since they stopped last years free upgrade option for end user.

As we are not a certified Microsoft partner, any upgrades will be sent away to have a full and genuine refurnished PC upgrade done, fully installed and certificated. 

Lead times do vary but typically are 7-14 days and there is a cost per item from £49.9

Q: When will Microsoft stop supporting Windows 7?

A: The information supplied by Microsoft support on the life cycle of its operating systems says that Windows 7 'mainstream support' ended 13th Jan 2015!

Extended support and updates for Windows 7 will be withdrawn Jan 2020!

You can continue to use Windows 7 beyond that date! It will NOT stop working... But you will no longer get automatic or potentially any Windows updates or security patches so you should ensure you have a good anti virus and or internet security package installed.

You can updgrade your existing PC via Microsoft Directly or you could put that money towards a replacement from us with Windows 10 Pre Installed!

For more info please refer to the Microsoft lifecycle page - HERE

Q: What type of Video connector do I need for my screen/PC/Laptop?

A: There are several types of AV connector, suitable for laptops / monitors & PC’s. Some more less common or more obscure than others! Here is a guide on what they look like and what they are called!


Q: What is DMS-59?

A: DMS-59 (Dual Monitor Solution, 59 pins) is generally used for computer video cards. It provides two Digital Visual Interface (DVI) or Video Graphics Array (VGA) outputs in a single connector.

DMS-59 splitter/cables are available at low cost and in a range of connection styles(DVI, VGA, Displayport). Allowing the user to run twin screens from a single DMS-59 socket either as mirror screens or extended desktop/workspaces. Below is an example of a DMS-59 to VGA cable:

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